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List High IQ Societies

Mensa is the biggest and most established high IQ society on the world. It is a non-benefit association open to individuals who score at the 98th percentile or higher on an institutionalized, directed IQ or other affirmed insight test. Mensa formally contains national gatherings and the umbrella association Mensa International, with an enrolled office in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire, England
The International High IQ Society was formed in 2000 as an independent membership organization comprised of individuals who have demonstrated an intelligence quotient in the top five percent of the population.
The Mega Foundation is a 501c(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation established in 1999 to create and implement programs that aid in the development of severely gifted individuals and their ideas.
Freedom of intellectual inquiry and expression is one of the clearest benefits, and most urgent necessities, of modern democratic society. One requirement of intellectual freedom is that no institution or group of institutions be permitted to exercise too great a measure of control over intellectual commerce (in the traditional, non-entrepreneurial sense). This is because by their nature, institutions tend to enforce standards of ideological orthodoxy and intellectual conformity without being able to guarantee or establish with certainty that their ideas are correct or their standards justified. To counter this trend, the Mega Foundation supports and develops a variety of projects that promote free intellectual expression and development.
Intertel is a high IQ society that is open to those who have scored at or above the 99th percentile (top 1%) on one of various standardized tests of intelligence. Intertel was founded in the United Kingdom, in 1966, by Ralph Haines. It is divided into eight regions, has elected officers, and is said to have over 1,200 members from over 30 nations. Intertel has experienced leadership under Kort Patterson and has a journal called Integra. Additionally, Intertel has a hall of fame for some of its members.
The Prometheus Society is a high IQ society, similar to Mensa International, but much more restrictive. The entry test is designed to be passable by 1 in 30,000 of the population, while Mensa entry is achievable by 1 in 50. The society produces a magazine, Gift of Fire, published ten times a year.
The Triple Nine Society (TNS) is for people scoring at or above the 99.9th percentile on selected intelligence tests. If that doesn't tell you a lot, consider MENSA, the best-known high IQ society in the world. Two percent of the general population may qualify for MENSA which has a worldwide membership of about 110,000. Think of MENSA on steroids when you consider joining Triple Nine. Admission to the TNS, at 0.1%, is 20 times as selective!
Founded in 1982 by Ronald K. Hoeflin to facilitate psychometric research, the Mega Society is a high IQ society open to people who have scored at the one-in-a-million level on a test of general intelligence claimed to be able to discriminate at that level.[2] The Guinness Book of World Records once stated that the most elite ultra High IQ Society is the Mega Society with percentiles of 99.9999 or 1 in a million required for admission.